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on: October 11, 2020, 09:24:31 PM
We all want to be happy. That is the Utilitarian theory.

I am Canadian and have an innate sense of what is just and fair. That is my personality and lifestyle.

I always paid fair taxes. They are so high we are living in a large percentage as a government-owned slave. We work, and the money is taken away.

At a kindergarten level, they "force" a tax return out of us, report on yourself, so we can get a percentage of it back.

The government is dictated to by foreign financial relations mandates. All that our taxes are ever likely to do is pay interest, and or pseudo principle.   

I am surprisingly okay with that.

Why I'm don't mind is because we pay for a social net.

We have medical and welfare to pay because we are compassionate in general as a species.

In fact, we have many important things we all "should" like pitching in some money for like the police.

We should all like the medics and the cops.
Be the medic we what to see in the world.
Be the cop we want to see in the world.

For the living and pro real freedom of the individuals, not the group. Groups are a sometimes necessary lie. Freedom is about the individual experience who could be anyone and could be you and me.

Freedom is the same as being for a social health plan in a working public medical system. It is for security for all. This is obviously something that evolves over time and always will. Riots are stupid, and I won't go.

Welfare is crime reduction.

We want crime reduction. And that's no Kantianism notion.

Laws allow people to be stupid, and stupid does as stupid is. Liberals play word cancellation games, so we become blind to meaning. We want to talk about stupid, so we use the word stupid when referring to the ancient human Meme that usually is defined as an area of substandard thoughtful capacity in an area of the conscious universe. It is to be disliked. But is it to be fixed? Is it an area that can be fixed? Not unless we openly use the word, stupid. I have walked myself through the clouds of stupidity and laughed.

Anyway, that's a start.

I have to go walk my dog disabled.

I will come back and fix this later.



The wings of the mind.

Fly in and fly out of the meme we were tricked into believing as the best versions of reality.


PS when I get back I will talk about the Death by CRA In Vancouver and one of the three I personally knew.

In the domino effect of breaching human rights, the CRA is right there on these early deaths. They pushed them over the edge. None of them had COVID 19, just CRA odd and kind abuse of human rights. WOW. there're going to be exposed here and on my other global network of websites where I command the fleet of website developers and hackers.

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