CALL TO ACTION - All skilled hands on deck. The interesting David and Goliath Story begins again. David says to Goliath I think you know how this ends.


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on: July 26, 2020, 03:36:36 PM
Many years ago we restarted WOTM like we are today with a fresh group of flying minds.

In those days we created a topic for every member from the smallest to the largest things in the universe.

We also taught you how to line your pockets with income from multiple sources online.

Then most of us got personally too busy with the business working the system for cash to maintain this forum for beginners and mentors.

This forum was and can be where you meet the people who have done well and will volunteer to show you what they did.


from this topic, we will branch off the subtopic as they become necessary.

If you are going to waste your life, waste it on love, power and money.

If you fell in a ditch only love will save you first. Then the power will save you if you can't find love. Finally, the money will save you if you have no power.

Don't allow false philosophy from the world to put anything less for a value on these three important areas of life. Embrace and life the truth, in your hands love power and money are a good thing for the world.

The wings of the mind are how you fly up and out of the BS of the majority who are stuck to the solar memes that drag you down and weaken as they burn off those mental gymnastics wings you were born with.

Remember Dummy is a choice.

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I try to do the best I can with what i've been given to work with. I try to find great things and people to work with.


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