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Growth and basic Funding Plan

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on: July 26, 2020, 04:02:02 PM
We are going to teach you to be safe online for $20 one time.

To be safe online you need to be safe offline.
We will show you how to use simple principles and systems of habit that earn you income without new skills and lots of time.

First, fight the devil of distraction. Anything that your attention is being drawn away from you, (before you have made it) is a distraction robbing you of the foundation you need.
Luck is a factor but it happens most often while you are involved in a system, not a goal.

We are going to teach you how to use your computer to pay for your computer.
Then you will learn to pay for your communications costs internet and smartphone.
They all become free balanced against new income.

Now that you cannot get cut off from your lifeline we will start showing you how to pay for your home office, then your rent, and your transportation.
You may pay off your school debts and built a nest egg next. Then you can think about investing in a home.
You might choose to take a vacation or two. There might be a charity you've always appreciated and now can unload some of your cash burdens upon.

But first, you need to be safe and fearless which is what sharing knowledge is all about. When you are stronger we are stronger.

I try to do the best I can with what i've been given to work with. I try to find great things and people to work with.